Tourist Attractions in Leeds

leeds tourismTourists all over the world look for different places of interest. Some individuals like historical places, some people hunt for sports resorts particularly golf, others look for some move and pure entertainment on business pursuits. You’ll find, nevertheless, some spots on the globe that provide a blend of all these. Among the eight core cities in England, Leeds promises to make a mix of all the demands of a traveler. Leeds has an area of 570 square kilometres and also a temperate climate, nonetheless, tourists from certain regions of the world could find it a bit chilly!

In terms of tourism

Leeds is considered to be just about the most favoured cities in England. There are many spots to be visited. A range of thrilling events are there for all sorts of people to enjoy. Shopping is a visitor’s delight here. On the other hand you will find a number of historic places of fascination which would entice some group of guests who, once experiencing the delight, will definitely come back. You will find museums, gardens, country houses as well as historic buildings. Tours can be made on one’s own or even could be instructed. The city tourism as well as the county tourism departments care for all the needs you may have.


Tastes of tourists differ on the kind of location they remain in and type of experience they undertake. Some like faster traveling by automobile, some love guided traveling by bus, some prefer trains while others enjoy cruising. There are a number of visitors who also take pleasure in trekking and enjoyment of nature using the earlier travelling modes such as the horse, and every one of these facilities are available in seo Leeds. That is the reason why Leeds entertains a huge number of visitors each year.

Leeds is rather efficient in entertaining them, providing each type of facility and entertainment. The Leeds Bradford International Airport provides links through the environment as well as Leeds has got an intensive and effectively linked road as well as rail transportation process. One most fascinating adventure will be travelling on the Bolton Abbey Steam Railway that provides a scenic journey to the Yorkshire Dales.

Throughout the city you’ll find a number of info outlets, providing information to tourists. The information consists of what a tourist would search for like tourist attractions, sightseeing, travel, restaurants, landmarks, transportations and maps for going from one place to another. A lot of info regarding accommodation also is provided in these information outlets, some of which are official information centres.

Hotels in Leeds

There are a selection of excellent, affordable as well as consumer friendly hotels in Central Leeds as well as in the outlying districts. You can see why Leeds has become an absolutely enchanting location for guests! You are able to reserve a luxury hotel, a center of the street hotel and cheap hotel and lodgings with these.

There are numerous travel as well as inns lodges on the outskirts of the community. You will additionally discover a number of self-catering apartments and a number of campsites are available for those who like adventurous travels. You’ll certainly find accommodation that is going to fit your requirements and budget.


A great number of historical locations and monuments can be found all around Leeds for tourists who are considering archeology and history. The Leeds City Square is the sign of all of the early glories the city once had. It is enclosed by a host of ancient buildings that take you down memory lane.

The Leeds waterfront is, on the opposite hand, a put that continues to be switched into with apt remodelling into a place of repose for visitors and diners that like to spend the evening hours there. In the city centre appears the Leeds Millennium Square. It’s so great that it can accommodate around twenty thousand people. The gorgeous Nelson Mandela Gardens is situated inside the Millennium Square. People who love design as well as fashion may check out the Victoria Quarter. You will find quite a large number of fashion design outlets there.

The locations which we have mentioned above are some of the main attractions of Leeds.

Secondary attractions

But you will find additional. For passionate tourists there are a number of secondary attractions such as the Leeds Tropical World. A main appeal for plant lovers, it contains among the largest collections of exotic plants in the UK. Close by there is the Lightwater Valley Country Theme Park.

People like rollercoasters with these! Seasonal events and spectacular gardens mark the presence of Harewood House; an 18th century manor home marvelled at by visitors for the grandeur of its. The Royal Armories is one of the most important contemporary landmarks in Leeds history. It has a vast assortment of divergent military weapons and instruments. Temple Newsam is a historic mansion house with gorgeous paintings, natural surroundings, parks and picturesque gardens.

The summer concerts at Temple Newsam are a thing to enjoy as the festival of Leeds is a musical bonanza with the world’s best events, witnessed by a huge number of people today within the last week of August each year. Leeds Sunday Funday is a hot event for the children. It has entertainment, face painting, puppet shows, musical as well as stage shows.


No reference to Leeds tourism is done without a reference to its awesome and excellent museums. Leading museums in Leeds would be the Thackray Medical Museum depicting the history of evolution of surgical treatment throughout the ages, the 18th Century Bronte Parsonage Museum, the National museum of Photography, Film, and Television, the Ilkley Manor House and Museum, as well as the Eureka Museum for children.


Leeds has a little something to supply for every type of tourist from every country. Additionally, it provides a number of sporting events particularly cricket, football and rugby. The Leeds cricket area was one of the most favored of Sir Don Bradman, the legendary Australian Batsman. A traveler keen on sports and sporting events won’t be disappointed and also any traveler, if a sports lover or maybe not, will take back home several fond memories after going to this premier tourist town of England.